Wednesday, March 11, 2015

Walking on frozen waters

We are having such a mild winter this year that it looks like we might even get a spring! Seriously, the weather is pretty awesome this week especially. So to take advantage, we decided to go out for a nice Sunday walk around Patterson Lake. When we drove up, we noticed a bunch of ice fishermen set up out on the lake. Oooooh...we've never walked on the frozen lake! Can't say that anymore!
The kids thought it was the coolest thing that they could just walk across the lake. And they weren't wrong. We didn't go out any farther than other people, just to be safe. It was a little windy cold but otherwise seemed way to warm for the whole lake to be frozen! Crazy.

Even Baby L wanted to get down and walk. Turns out ice is a bit slippery for her but that didn't stop Tiny from insisting on trying.
Before too long I took her to firmer ground so she could walk around without help since she does NOT like having to hold your hands to walk. She can do it herself! Baby L was too little to walk back before winter started so she hasn't spent much time outside exploring. She's fascinated by EVERYTHING. Loves testing out the different textures of grass and rocks and inspecting how everything feels and sounds. So fun.
The others just kept going out there. Not sure they would've ever come back to land if M hadn't unfortunately stepped right on an old fishing hole that turned out to not be that old after all. Probably had been drilled earlier that day so it hadn't had time to freeze over. Oops! She was instantly up to her hip in freezing cold water. Before you freak out, there was no danger. The hole was only big enough for one leg to go in but I imagine it didn't feel good! Not to mention the massive scrape the edge of the ice gave her when she fell. Poor thing. Luckily there was a pair of snow pants and boots in the car for her to change into. Doesn't everyone keep a spare of those on hand? Ha. North Dakota.
Coop had just finished getting her changed and warm when G came running over chanting, "I need to go potty, I need to go potty," peeing every step of the way. In fairness to her, she'd already told Coop, but in fairness to him, that was when they were standing in the middle of a frozen lake. So got her changed, played a bit on the playground, trying to avoid the puddles with floating ice chunks, and headed home. All in all, a rather adventurous, warm Sunday afternoon!

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