Tuesday, March 17, 2015

Baby L is 1!

Predictable though it may be to say, I cannot believe my baby is 1! She seems like she's been part of our family for forever and yet, there's no way it's been a year. Just saying all that makes me so old. But at least as a reward for being old, I get to snuggle with this Tiny Treasure!
Granted, I do prefer when I get to snuggle with her face...
And when she looks up at me with this darling face, it's impossible to not want to cover her in kisses! She's so stinking cute! 
As M says regularly, "I don't want her to ever get bigger!" Haha! This face just cracks me up.
Ooh look! Cake! She didn't have a clue what it was but she was excited by everybody else's excitement, and Photo-bombing Dude was excited to "help."
What is this? They've never put anything like this on my tray before. Is it safe?
Do you ever get that feeling like somebody is watching you? Like if you hesitate or turn your head, your food might mysteriously disappear?
Hmmm...this is good! I think I like it.
Yeehoo! This is awesome! Fist pump to the face!
Look at me, Ms. One-Year-Old-Big-Shot, I'm a big kid now!
Baby L has been a wonderfully, amazingly happy baby. She's quick to smile at anyone she lays eyes on. Her siblings delight her. She greets dad with a dimple-fisted point and a grin. Seeing mom is so exciting she hyperventilates. Her new, hilarious move is coming in for a hug with her belly stuck out, her head tilted back so she's smiling at the ceiling, and her feet moving a little faster than her balance can afford. Some eating problems aside, she's been exactly what we needed from a fifth child. 
However, she has been a walker for over a month and is constantly on the go - totally exhausting to keep away from toilets, trash cans and roads. Watching her try to run is hilarious and watching her start to climb on everything is terrifying. She's determined, affectionate, silly, and hungry. And she's ours!

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