Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Random catch-up

It was pointed out to me recently that I've been, say, a little neglectful of our blog. And it's true. My phone stopped allowing me to post and since I rarely get around to transferring pictures to the computer, I was up technology creek on how to get anything new up. Yes, slight hiccups like that with a computer and I do give up that easily. Pathetic and absolutely true. But magically, it's now all working again and so here's some randomness from what's been going on in the crazy house this winter:
When it's too cold to run off steam outside, sometimes we Wii Dance it out. Hilarious when they're all doing it together.
Less productively, when it's too cold to get out much, G starts to go a little stir crazy. 
And things like this happen in the kitchen:
Are those tiny fingerprints in my watermelon?
What a rotten trick mom. It smelled like chocolate but it tastes AWFUL! Whenever the goose sees Baking Cocoa Powder now, she shakes her head solemnly and says, "We do NOT eat that Mama." Live and learn, my child, live and learn.
And she is absolutely still the "evil genius" I said she was back in September. In some ways, she's only more so. We've had to call poison control twice thanks to her recently. 3 previous children: 0 times. G: 2 times in the last month. Hey, this bottle of wart remover looks like nail polish. I think I'll paint my face with it! Baby L's nearly full bottle of antibiotics in the fridge? What's this child lock lid for? I'll drink the whole thing and put it back so nobody will ever know. Sigh.
On a slightly less mischievous note, J wisely spends her time at home taking selfies with my phone whenever I leave it unattended. She thinks she's hilarious. Sometimes she even sends them to people. 

Sometimes she does school work as well, I promise. She's currently studying bridges. Bring on the science fair!
The other day she jumped triumphantly into the room and announced, "I'm dressing like people in France!" Ok then. She also has gotten rather good at "your face" jokes lately, which she finds to be the highest form of humor there is.
Uh...I'm stuck. A little help here?
She likes berries in her oatmeal. Me? I eat them. Baby L? She uses them to keep her skin looking fresh and rosy.
First pigtails! Yes, this is the only place she has enough hair, and yes, she pulled them out before we even got to church, but they were there! 

And sometimes our house doesn't have enough kids, so we invite more. Here they were doing a homeschool phases of the moon project. Notice G's paper is devoid of Oreos. She had at least as many to work with as the others did, I assure you. She just hates the moon.

Other times, the number of kids we have is a little more than we can handle. I imagine playing airplane would be easier when someone's not sitting on your face.
Also, this guy has a lot of sisters to deal with. Sometimes he's just too cool for all the drama. Other times, he pretends their beauty supplies are guns and goes around blasting everyone to smithereens. Classic. 
Clearly that's not a full re-cap. There've been birthdays, holidays, a vacation, and plenty more pictures thanks to the convenience of iPhones, so hopefully there'll be more where this came from.

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