Sunday, March 20, 2016

Big week

We finally moved into our new house and it's like a dream!
Coop: Not a bird... Do you know what other kind of animal it could be G? It looks like it has fins. 
G: I know! A waffle!
Coop: uh, what?
G: you know, that swims like this.
Coop: walrus?
G: oh yeah. That's what I meant.

I come in the kitchen and G is pretending to mop. She says, "I'm trying to clean so you can be happy." Aw sweet.

M's undefeated basketball season came to an end. They celebrated with some of the players from the pac-12 women's champion OSU players!
And of course she earned the defensive player award. This girl is a beast. Her shyness is just a ruse. If you have the ball... She. Will. Find. You.
L decided to help out at the last game by distracting the opponents with her pants-down act. I don't know what to do with this girl but I can tell you were never wearing those loose, elastic-waist pants in public again!
G: ok I'll put my coat on but not my lid.
I think she meant hood.

Bopa left early and didn't finish his ice cream. Guess who was only too happy to oblige? And of course if you have two bowls you need to eat with two spoons, right?
I asked L if she loves me. She's now repeating, "I love me," again and again.

We took a picture here on the day we moved into our rental in Corvallis and now on the day we moved out!
G: "how bout I call them honey butts cereal?"

She's a little confused about how to wear sunglasses:

I was getting out a turkey to roast when dude walked up, looked at it and went, "eeeeew that looks like a dead pig!" He was fascinated/horrified and informed G that food had blood in it. G walked up and said, "yuuuuum. That's gonna be good but I'm not going to eat it yet." She was especially excited to help stuff some celery down its neck hole. As I tried to dry it off its wings kept plopping out and I asked dude why. He didn't know except to point out that it was dead. I asked if he thought maybe he didn't think he was dead and was trying to fly away. He replied that he couldn't think because he was dead but he also couldn't try or fly for the same reason. Always logic with that one.

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