Sunday, March 20, 2016

Finally her turn!

Her birthday finally came! It is so hard for this child to wait through all the February birthdays to make it to hers in March. And then it was maybe a tad overshadowed by the move but she didn't complain bc she got cake and ice cream and got to turn 4! 
What she wanted most was a soft bathrobe like mommy's:
Nana has to make one bc we just couldn't find one her size anywhere.
Little bit about G at this age:
-she's hysterical. She currently dominates the funny kid quotes I write down for this blog.
-when she grows up, she's "going to be jenelle and then mommy and then nana!"
-she isn't quite as naughty as she was last birthday but she is so dang strong-willed that if she doesn't want to go it's like trying to get a rhinoceros to budge. 
-she loves cuddles and having her back rubbed. She "would like you to rub my back like that all night long please."
-her psyche is a delicate balance of severe independence (don't you dare help her when she says no), and total incompetence ("I can't do it unless you do it for me", despite having done it perfectly well seconds beforehand)
-loves her siblings and those buttons of theirs that are so easily pushed. Except L pushes back. That she hates.
-she wants to pick every dandelion, collect every acorn or pine cone, test every rock, and investigate every bug that moves when we go on walks, which thanks to her, should really be called stops.
-if it goes up, she is going to climb it. If it goes down, she's going to slide on it. If it's wet, she's going to jump in it. If it's food, she's going to eat it (resorting to theft if necessary).
-she loves with her whole heart. 

And our life wouldn't be nearly as exciting without her. 

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