Sunday, March 06, 2016

Random crazies

L was running too fast and didn't make it around a corner - she ran right into the wall. She turned around to catch my eye, laughed and said, "wall."

Dude randomly says to me, "I wish I could go back in time so I could punch Benedict Arnold in the face." 

Grammy came to town for doughnuts with the kiddos. Why are they called doughnuts anyway? Why aren't they called dough circles? 

M is in heaven with her b-day money purchase (she's had a thing with giraffes since she was about six months old!):

G knocks pistachios on the side of her head before eating them to "check if they're a bad nut."

G asked, "do you know what no is in Spanish?" What? "It means malabababababa." And she giggled.

Tea party time (dude is sporting Darth Vader helmet, cowboy vest, tinker bell skirt, yoda hands and dragon legs)

Watching the end of the sixth Star Wars. G starts crying (and keeps at it for 15 minutes!) because she "loves Darth Vader."

Me: Maybe next week we'll do your hair for church G. 
G: Why? It's perfect.

L has entered the awkward kiss phase. She takes your face in both her hands and super slowly pulls you in for a prolonged, tender kiss. And then wants to repeat again and again. But who wouldn't want to kiss this face:

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