Saturday, April 09, 2016

Tulip Festival 2016

I'll just throw some pretty pictures (mostly from the Tulip Festival) in between the weirdo things our tinies have said this week:
G keeps drawing dead guys with chalk on the sidewalk (I know they're dead bc they have x's for eyes). Then she stomps on their heads and says, "blah," with her tongue out. Should I be concerned?
Dude: Mom, what if everything was awesome? Then even toots would be awesome.
M just said to me, "well, you're not really the mechanical engineering type." Guess she noticed.
G: I'll be really tippy-tippy quiet, okay mom?
G and I are playing a game that's missing its die. G goes, hmmm...maybe I can smell it and starts crawling around sniffing for the die.
G likes to draw more than one Candy Land card at a time "accidentally." Then she chooses which one she wants. The best part is she doesn't always choose the one that is most advantageous to her.
G just wished on a dandelion that her mom can be bigger and better than she and that when she grows up she can have a baby animal.
I told L to not even think about it. She walked in the room, shook her finger at me and said, "I no tink bout it." If only. If only.
Oh and we spent time at Omsi and at grandma and grandpa's! Here's grandpa with his two Gracies:
Having fun with our Idaho cousins:
L was hysterically terrified of this "magic" floating ball:
G asks me if she can please go potty on THAT toilet. Uh, I think not.
I'm pretty proud of myself for not losing anyone during the 3 hours I was alone with all of them at Omsi. I mean, I didn't always know where they all were but I came home with he same number I arrived with! I usually just followed L and prayed that the rest wouldn't wander too far, but I turned for a second and L was suddenly serenading the whole room with "I am a child of God," as she salivated all over that microphone:
Oh and then the week ended with the Big Three enjoying some sunny fun in Bend:
What a week. Why is it I'm always so tired?

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