Tuesday, April 19, 2016

Safety and Special Time

G asked me not to put her helmet on with the staple. I think she meant the clip?
At the doctors office he asked G what her last name was and she said Goose. Maybe it's time to drop the nickname?

Just using his awesome new helmet to keep him safe while reading:
Coop: they come in all sizes
Dude: that cannot be possible bc then they would have to come as small as molecules!
Coop: right. Thank you Captain Literal.
Dude: there are lots of molecules in your hands!

We just love exploring and biking through the countryside, which fortunately is just a few blocks away in multiple directions. Too bad there aren't shoulders for safety. Or water fountains. Or bigger wheels on Dude's tiny bike!

Wouldn't want to not have enough milk with your cereal...
Incidentally, after I began cleaning it up I noticed the milk carton was on the far side of the table meaning she must've poured, got down and put it on the far side, then returned to her spot. Did she think this way I wouldn't know who'd done it?

Coop to L: we do not give our babies swirlies! Get that baby doll out of the toilet! No swirlies! No swirlies in our house!

G got to spend a special weekend with Nana and Bopa all by herself. She got the kind of attention she has only dreamed of before and loved it.
When hanging out with Aunt Patti at her office, G told people that "my friend L misses me," handed out date stamp artwork that she had signed, and replied that she was so cute "because of my mommy." Awwww. We would skype with her and blow her kisses so she wouldn't forget us amidst all the glamor: 
And she was right! When L first saw her home, she pranced over to her shouting her name again and again. You'll have to trust me, it was darn cute.

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