Sunday, April 03, 2016

Easter and terrible twos

Five minutes from our new house:
March madness has been strong in our house. 
M: can they just fall over? 
Me: yeah but that's called flopping.
M: flop! 
J: but that's cheating! 
M: mom never said it's cheating.

I asked G if we should watch Duke or Butler and she giggled and said smiling, "I picked Butler bc it was funny." This after Dude picked Butler to win the whole tournament possibly because the girls convinced him they were the Butler Butts, which is of course, side-splittingly hilarious. Though even they do not want to see the mascot.

G and L are going back and forth saying, "you go to time out." "No! You go to time out!" "No! You go to time out...."
Life is hard when your younger sister screams at the top of her lungs for the whole grocery trip. At the checkout, G told everyone, "she's kinda havin' a rough day."
And there's a lot of that lately. I could basically put together a whole list of the ridiculous things my toddler has cried over this week alone. Above was because I tried to hold her hand in the parking lot. Here was because I wouldn't let her delete all the apps on my phone: 
This one was because the cookies were too hot to eat (and still baking but that's beside the point):
Her pediatrician told me that it's adventurous kids like her that grow up to change the world. That was the polite version of, "oh boy, you have your hands full!"
There are occasionally moments of calm:
Usually that means something bad is happening. Like it's too bad L has orange marker all over her face and was lifting up her shirt to color her belly when I caught her...

Nana pretty much sewed these all in 24 hours:
They look so cute!!

I don't think the Easter bunny hid any up there M but maybe you'll see more from up high?
The morning after Easter, G wanted the bag of jelly beans for her cereal. Ha.

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