Monday, May 16, 2016

Axolotls and Antics

This week it was Dude's turn for adventure! He went with Nana, Bopa, and Uncle Adam to Utah to celebrate his cousin's birthday by going to the zoo:
Going to the dinosaur museum (where he apparently walked around shaking his head repeating, "I CANNOT believe there is NO dilophasaurus!):
And fulfilling his lifelong dream of seeing a real axolotl:
This cool/weird kid has a thing for really obscure animals! He had a blast and we're so glad to have him back!

But those of us left behind had fun too! 
Reading books with Grammy. I might have to "lose" the Pinkalicious series soon.
I asked the girls to watch Ms. L for two minutes while I made a phone call. Good work girls:
G: "Mommy, I got my brain on fire!"
(5 min later, shaking her head) "Oh mom, now my brain is on ice." I feel that way all the time.

Smile big for the camera L. Okay, not THAT big:
Gotta keep the hat on while riding. Priorities you know:
Too far. It's just too far:
G (scooting into the garage): Mom, I just need some darkness. (Then proceeds to scoot backwards back out of the garage, making beeping sounds as she goes) I'm like a car!

G: I look just like her mama:
Sometimes it's hard for all of us to wake up. Giving up the binkie, blankie and pillow can be so rough! You wanna be up with everyone enjoying life, but you want them...what's a girl to do?
So when she finally handed them over she went and sang about it into the microphone. "I love my bean-tee, my mamaaaaaaa." Feeling pretty privileged to have made the list, and only just right behind the binkie.

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