Monday, October 24, 2016

Crazy little people

L came walking in pulling a xylophone and said, "mommy look!" I replied, "what a nice xylophone." She looked at me, at it, and then held it to her ear with a slightly quizzical look and asked, "hello?"

Happy mom moments:

After dude drew a picture in church of Kylo Ren killing Han, Coop told him to draw something happier. So he drew flowers. Flowers being killed by Kylo Ren.

I was just told the RS president was in primary and asked G her name. She said it but she didn't understand twice and then G said, maybe "I'll just tell you a different name instead."
Oh and during the primary program, in which G clearly had no idea what where or who she was, we just barely stopped her from slingshotting her headband into the congregation by shaking our heads so vigorously that she actually noticed, and slowly lowered the weapon. When the teacher tried to help Dude with his part, he shook his head, looked alarmed and whispered emphatically, "I don't need that. I. Have. It. Memorized." Awesome.

After reading Corduroy, I asked dude and G to draw a picture of themselves in our house with a stuffed animal. Apparently Dude believes we live next to a jail?
For bad monsters of course.
And G thinks we live in a tent with the sheep. Ha! At least there's something to count when we can't sleep? 

G just said to Coop "mom told me to tell you to make her nachos right now or else mom will buy a gun and shoot you with a hard dart." Dad: "Nope. "Then, "Dad. I want you to stop doing what you're doing and make what I want. Think about it. In your head."

Me: "G! How could you not have seen your blanket?? You walked right over it!"
G: "well, when I walked by I was looking at the ceiling. I thought it was probably on the ceiling."

G: "look at me mom! I'm so awesome."
Grace is making up the words to a new library book she's reading to herself. Just overheard, "why did you say Boom-Shaka-laka? Bc you're awesome. Oh, ok!"

Watching Dude do math is hilarious. A word problem said a fish store had 90 fish and a customer bought 40. Dude then spent the next five minutes telling everyone who would listen, "WHY WOULD ONE PERSON NEED 40 FISH?!?!?!?" He ended up decided after considering many possibilities that the most likely reason was the guy had as a pet this giant worm thing that lives deep in the sea and eats lots of fish. Right.

Next time, maybe I shouldn't make the smoothie so thick. And yes, I did take a picture before helping her. But I felt bad about it! Face freeze!

L looked at this pic of herself and cooed, "oh what a cute little face!" This right after she'd whined and whined about her boot hurting her, only to pull a fork out of her boot minutes later.

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