Monday, October 24, 2016

Summertime Busies

(Just found this post that I never actually published!)

L: what doing mama? 
Me: putting on mascara. 
L: why?
Me: to make my eyes pretty.
L(said in a tone that says I'm being rediculous): you no pretty mom! 

This is the face of exhaustion.
On a separate note, we happened upon an excellent way of getting through church with L! Have Grammy offend her by saying no so that L pouts on the ground. She's so dang stubborn that she will then refuse to get up or look up, and will in fact lie there so long that she'll fall asleep. Most delightful first hour of church we've had in years! Course then she may not be too happy to wake up...

Courtesy of my sister: 
G: when I grow up, I wanna be a cheetah.
Dude: you can't be a cheetah! you cannot grow up to be anything but a human.
M: you can be anything you want to be.
(So amazingly indicative of their personalities!)
She's got her own style:

Do you know how hard it is to ride a bike with somebody asleep on your arm?

Science and craft day at the library was awesome. Including the moment when L walked into a little girl who was holding her freshly painted masterpiece, and ended up with it plastered to her hair. I only stopped laughing long enough to take a picture.
Oh and there was reptile day at the library - EEK!
Read this line to G in a book, "and her heart melted." G a few pages later, very concerned asked, "so did she not have a heart anymore?"

Seconds after getting out of her bath. This girl.

Blueberries for Sal. 
25 lbs of them in less than an hour with these stellar helpers! Sure, some ran out of gas a bit before we were done and sure some of them probably should have been charged for their weight gain but I'm still impressed!

So I'm taping this instructional watercolor video and G walks up, I guess thinks I'm talking to her and starts saying ok after every sentence I say.

I just asked the kids to come do their chores and M pipes up, "it's Sunday! No work on Sunday!" Dude clarifies, "no work for ANGELS on Sunday." Not even sure what to say about that.

But we've been having tons of fun lately too while my brother's family was in town! We went to the beach where we ran like crazy from those ice-cold waves:
Dug holes to sit in:
And got comforted when the waves were faster than we were:
Oh and we went to the zoo:
And to Omsi too: 
Future chemists in the house?
Or perhaps Martians? Only time can tell.

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