Monday, October 24, 2016

When soccer took over our life

J's on Team Artemis (they play on full-size fields! Holy running!):
M's on the Seahawks (she was quite upset that their name didn't make any sense with their color! She wanted to be the Blazers. Good girl):
Dude's on the Hawks where they don't keep score (try telling that to the kids), and parents aren't to yell instructions from the sideline but only encouragement equally to all players on the field:
So yeah. Our Saturdays are toast. And at least one somebody has practice every evening of the week, except Friday when they go to Show-Stopping Singers. Oh and Coop is M's assistant coach. Thank heavens we decided G wasn't old enough to need to play yet!
P.S. Sometimes soccer weather in Oregon isn't all that great!

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Anna Collett said...

Their pictures are amazing! Also I can't believe you have a child who sits in the front row!