Thursday, January 08, 2009

And finally, some pictures!

I think I've recovered enough from Christmas to actually get around to posting some pictures! I like pictures. We took about a million so I'll try to just post some of the best ones.

Personally, I think my parents should've used this picture of their kids for their Christmas card. Nice.
No hills by our house, so daddy and mommy took turns pulling the two up and down the street. Good work-out!
Remember our family's snowmen? Well they melted for a couple of days into featureless pillars. Then it snowed a foot and a half or so. Jell loved it but Meri sure had trouble walking through it!
The annual gingerbread house making! Aunt Pattie lent a hand to Jell.
And Ninnie let Meri loose with the candy. This thing ended up having more candy on it than laws of you know, balance and gravity make possible.
The much acclaimed Christmas puppet show. Meri was very impressed. I'm not so sure about anyone else in the room, but I love that it puts some focus on baby Jesus! Although we did notice a few minutes into the show that there was no baby Jesus puppet - so we ran and stole one from a nativity set in the other room. It works.
Uncle Jim likes to "eat" the girls' feet. They like to pretend to be horrified, and squeal. In an unbelievably high pitch.
Happy sisters in new Christmas Eve jammies.
Christmas morning with my blue-eyed friends!
Ok, so I shall finish later. It takes more time than I anticipated - weeding through all the pictures and all. Hopefully I'll finish before spring.

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Anna Berne said...

you are such a brat! i can't believe you put that picture up and what type of aunt would i be if i didn't let meri put all of the candy on her gingerbread house?