Thursday, January 15, 2009

Totally cute and cuddly girls

(Some fun masks the girls made at free craft Saturday at Lakeshore Learning. Although Meri was not cooperating putting on her mask, check out that look she gave the camera!)

And then for fun, some things that have been said around these parts lately:

I had a nasty headache last night and was lying down. Jell came in and asked if I wanted the light on. I said "no thanks" and explained that my head hurt really bad and I'd prefer the light off. She went into her room and came out a few minutes later. She said, "Mom, I asked in a prayer and Jesus said that he can make your head feel all better." I almost felt guilty not jumping right up out of bed then and there.

"Hey Jell, look - people dancing on tv."
"Oh my gosh. How magical (said with dramatic emphasis on each quiet little word)!"

In the car we listen to the princess CD the girls got for Hanukkah. All the time. And whenever I try to sing to the Beauty and the Beast songs, Jell tells me, "No Mama, that is my part. You sing the teaspoons and cups part." When I sing with the Aladdin parts, I hear, "No Mama, you sing the queen's part." For the Cinderella at the ball song, I'm told, "Mama, you are the birds and the mice part." In case you are not familiar with any of those songs, I would like to point out for you that there is something that all the parts she assigns me have in common: none of them have singing parts! There isn't even a queen in Aladdin. I don't think she likes my singing voice.

Jell just held up a tangelo (orange thing that looks like it has a growth where it's belly button is) and said, "Look Mama, it has a friend!"


shaun said...

I love it. And I will pray and ask Jesus to make your head stop hurting to. That is the kind of stuff that makes parenting awesome. Preston knows who Jesus is--well, at least he can identify His pictures--and he whispers His name every time he sees a picture... I love it.

Raina said...

That is so funny about the singing. My nieces won't let me sing in the car either... I think it's a girl thing. My boys are probably just glad I'm not making THEM sing. :D
Way to go to the crafty Saturday at Lakeshore! I'm impressed! I need to try that sometime. Was it fun? The masks look impressive.