Wednesday, April 08, 2009

They're just so silly

I pointed out a potato bug to Jell and explained that when they're scared, they roll up into a ball. She studied it for about 5 seconds and then went, "Baaa!" with her hands shooting out to surprise the bug. Then, "mom, it did not work. He is not scared."

Meri likes to touch worms to make them squiggle. Jell eggs her on, laughing her head off, and urging, "Meri, do it again! Do it again!" (Although she refuses to touch them herself, because they're slimy) I called Meri a "worm toucher," and for the next few minutes she would walk around, throw her hands up in the air, and triumphantly proclaim "I da worm toucher!" She also likes to carry them in her hand.

While daddy was changing Meri's diaper I pointed out to Jell what a great daddy he was to do that. Jell, matter-of-factly stated, "Yeah, he's such a great poop-changing-guy."

Jell was playing with barbies, and said, "Oh, her dress fell off! She doesn't have any clothes on! HOW EMBARRASSING!!!!" (the girl is all drama and exaggeration!)

Have you seen the movie Enchanted? Both of my girls have taken to sticking their heads out doors and singing/calling to the birds and squirrels to come help them. Jell wants to know, "Mom, why don't they come like they do in the movie?"

In fact, Jell has taken to living in her own little princess-movie world. I've seen her "making her prince" like Giselle does when she's a cartoon (pronounced tar-toon in our house). She was getting rather upset with Meri the other day because Meri, who was supposed to be Sleeping Beauty, wouldn't fall asleep after Jell had her touch the "thing." She has informed me before that the mice and birds are making her a dress for the ball, often gets out a magic carpet to sit on, and on and on.

The other thing they like to pretend is that they're mamas. Jell has informed me she wants 6 babies when she's gets bigger and bigger. To avoid fights, everybody can be mamas at the same time, although I have to clarify that I'm the real mama, even though Meri likes me to pretend to be her baby. Yesterday I told Meri that you have to be potty-trained to be a mama (it's a rule). She said, "oh," thought about it for a second, and added, "and daddas too." Maybe now that she's got that understanding down, she will not only have some motivation to become so herself, but will also stop asking Coop and I if we have poopies.


Janelle. said...

Those girls are too funny! I can just hear Meri saying "I da worm toucher." Preston now calls all blond girls "Ma-ee" (Meri) Thanks again for letting us stay with you and eat all your food :) We'll have to visit again sometime...and maybe Preston will warm up faster! Oh, and we escaped with a wooden block in our suit case....we'll keep it until we see you again :)

Janelle. said...

I love it! More of these posts please. After spending a few days at the house I know you get enough material for a new post like this every day.


Hannah said...

Great stories, as always. Too many clasics for me to comment on them all, but know that you gave me many smiles and laughs!