Sunday, April 19, 2009

Boys are weird

(That is what I learn every Sunday from our CTR 7 class of 6 boys.)

Today we were learning about the Word of Wisdom (which is a revelation received by Joseph Smith that tells what things are good for man to eat and what is not - basically a code of health you could say with promised blessings for abiding by it). They were split into two teams for a review game, where they had 90 seconds to draw as many types of fruit they could think of, then vegetables, then meats, then the bad things that the Word of Wisdom teaches us not to consume.
The fruit and veggies rounds went pretty much as expected but then I went to tally up Team A's meat round. They had drawn red meat, a bull, a bear, a grenade, and a person (what?!). Needless to say, they did not receive points for all of their answers which led to a brief discussion on cannibalism.

Fast forward 90 seconds or so to when I went to tally up Team A's "things that the Word of Wisdom teaches are bad for us" round. They'd drawn a cigarette, candy, ice cream, an eyeball, eyeball candy, eyeball ice cream, and a person (labeled Brother Whitman) - which they reminded me, we are not supposed to eat.

We might have to re-visit this lesson sometime in the future. I'm just not sure they really got the gist.


Mandy said...

I almost wet my pants I am laughing so hard.

Audrey said...

Makes you even more grateful for daughters, doesn't it?

Raina said...

Yikes!!! This is too funny, although kinda scary at the same time. I'm not sure I'm ready for older boys!

Hannah said...

ha ha ha. Boys boys boys. I don't think I need the word of wisdom to encourage me to avoid eyeballs...I'll do that one on my own. ;)

Lisa said...

ha ha ha ha ha ha...thank goodness for little girls!!