Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Defender of my virtue

Last night I was exercising in my room. I was working really hard and was hot so I was just in a sports bra and pants. Shocking, I know. Jell came in and was very concerned, "Mom, why are you wearing that exercising shirt? I can see your belly button!" I had to laugh and then explain that I was really sweaty and since I was just in the house and nobody could see me, it was okay. She replied, "I can see you. I can see your belly button." Laugh again. Then, "No, I meant other people. You're family so it's okay. But it would be immodest for me to walk around outside like this where anyone could see me. I'll put more clothes on when I'm done exercising, I promise." I thought this was a pretty decent explanation for someone as out of breath as I. But then Jell went out in the hallway and when Coop tried to come down the hall to the room to tell me something, she stopped him with a "No!" She blocked the hallway - arms and legs spread as wide as she could so he couldn't get by. "You can't go in your room! Mommy's not modest! You would see her belly button!"


Executive Director of Domestics said...

Oh my darling! I got the biggest kick out of this! Ironically this morning I was working up a sweat on my treadmill at home and my shirt was slowly coming off in stages. I was prepping myself for how I would explain it to my son. Luckily, he was still alseep by the time I finished. Now I have your experience to use as a great example! Thank you.

cat said...

This is hilarious! I love it :) I keep showing Addison my belly button (now that it's popped out with this pregnancy) and she shows me hers. It'll be fun when she's grown up a little to see how she'll react to my belly button then :)

Lisa said...

again, I'm trying not to laugh out loud while I'm at work. I love your girls so much! They are hilarious!