Thursday, October 01, 2009

Evergreen Aviation & Space Museum

So we had to make the trek out to McMinville to drop off a painting and thought we'd stop in on the air/space museum to check out the air part this time. As we entered, we passed a statue of the pilot who is the founder of the museum. Coop told the girls he was a pilot. Jell replied, "Nu uh dad, he's a statue" in a total, duh-type voice. Can't get anything passed that girl.
Scattered throughout the museum are these old (some really old with ash trays and stuff) airplane seats. The girls insisted on sitting in every one and buckling up. Although Jell always reassured me, "Mom, we're just going to stay here, we're not going to take off."
And we of course, were blown away by the enormous Spruce Goose, or wooden flying boat. Very, very cool. Fascinating. Incredible testament to ingenuity and progress. But a big, cynical part of me wants to know how it was worth the money. Back in WWII times, it cost the federal government 18 million. That's a lot - especially back then. It flew once for about a mile. No others were ever made from the model. Good use of taxpayer dollars? Who is still wondering how the US is so badly in debt?
Anyway, politics aside, I love how you can just barely see Jell here:
And Mer had a blast too:
But of course we couldn't leave without running around the awesome playground.
Then, only because of a false alarm to use the bathroom, we ran into the space museum. And they have this new carnival ride in the front that is free. Who's heard of such a thing? Of course, that's with admission, but still, how cool. Jell loved it, especially when she finally figured out how to make it go up and down.
Meri started out excited, but then she accidentally made her plane go up (which makes a rather loud noise) and she cried and cried her big crocodile tears. She'd calm down, then she'd pull up again and burst into tears. Since they were the only two on the ride, he stopped it for her to get off. She spent the rest of the time watching Jell with her hands on her ears, shaking her head and muttering that she didn't like that.
Fun times! Can't wait for the massive waterpark addition ready in 2011!


Jen said...

This looks like such a fun outing, and one we have toyed with many times, but never actually done! Good for you guys. It looks like a hit!

Anna Berne said...

I'm super sad we never went here. it always looks like such fun. and i like the new quotes and pictures. the one of jelly i see is from this summer at the george rogers...i would really like having those...weird i should have them!! ha

Raina said...

Wow! This looks like a riot! We went out there not that long ago and only played on the outside toys.
Your girls are so funny and cute hanging out on those planes!