Wednesday, October 07, 2009

Talk to me more about reindeers

(This morning in the car - coming totally out of nowhere)
Jell: Mom, do reindeer have pointy ears?
Me: Um, I guess you could say that.
Jell: Talk to me more about reindeers mom.
Me: Well, they have horns on their heads that are called antlers.
Jell: Antlers! Ha. (deep in thought for a minute) Mom, cause I was thinking about could reindeers not hide under rocks because of their pointy antlers?
Me: What? Yeah, I guess that would be difficult.
Jell: Because of their pointy antlers.
Me: Yes, and they're a little big to be hiding under rocks.
Jell: Hm ... talk to me more about reindeers mom.
Me: Well, they're brown. They have big eyes (Jell laughs loudly). And their feet are called hooves.
Jell: Hooves!?! I like hooves.
Me: Yes, hooves are nice.

(Where do her thoughts come from????)


Lyndsey said...

She really is hysterical. Love the "talk to me about...." part. Such a little grown up, I just don't know where they get this stuff.

Anonymous said...

Bring them to Tacoma for a visit - we have reindeer at our zoo!

- Audrey

hannah said...

I love it! I see Christmas at your house is going to be just as exciting this year as Christmas at our house. Today Logan and I had this conversation:

Logan: Mom can we get a Christmas tree today?

Me: Tell you what, we can get a Christmas tree on your birthday.

Logan: Mom, it’s my birthday today.

Me: No. First we’ll have Halloween and then Thanksgiving and then your birthday. On you birthday we can get a Christmas tree.

Logan: Um… actually I want a Christmas tree today.

Me: Sorry.

(five minutes later)

Logan: Mom, it’s time to get a Christmas tree.