Thursday, October 15, 2009

Miracle at the Pumpkin Patch

It didn't rain on us!!! I'd been so worried about the potential of a very soggy field trip, but the clouds even parted for a bit and we saw the sun! We went to the Flower Farmer pumpkin patch to check out their Phoenix & Holly Railroad. It was great fun! Although, as can be seen, Meri wasn't all that comfortable with the idea at the start:
But she did warm up and by the third time we got on the train, was laughing her head off. Jell even sat by us for a couple minutes before ditching us for all her friends :)
And surprise, surprise - look who got all brave all the sudden!
Also a bit surprising, look at who wasn't brave. She did get some of the food, but each time the goat turned it's head toward her, she chucked the food at it. Catch!
And somehow, nobody fell down this! There were a dozen constantly climbing on and in this - what fun!
Cute girls!
The preschool group happy to have pumpkins!


Jen said...

So fun! Thanks for letting us tag along. We loved it, and the weather was so great! You worried for nothing. Thanks again for planning it!

Raina said...

Not raining? Wow!! This looks like so much fun. I can't get over all those cute girls.