Friday, March 12, 2010

Can't wait to meet #3!

So I thought I'd better get around to officially announcing it, although by now most of the world knows because
a) you've seen one of the girls in the last few weeks which means that they have proudly told you (they've told everyone - as proof they told the bagger at the grocery store the other day) or
b) you caught on when you either saw me running to the bathroom gagging or heard how many naps I've been taking lately or
c) someone in the ward told you. Word travels fast once it gets out.
Anyway, it is true - I'm pregnant! We're very, very excited even while we have the foreboding feeling that we're getting in way over our heads. 3 sounds crazier than 2. I'm also happy to now be in my second trimester as the first one wasn't much of a joy ride. Translation= I've been sicker than a dog. At least 10 x worse than the other two times, but hopefully, hopefully, hopefully things get better soon. The girls are beyond thrilled. Since telling them, we've had all sorts of fun conversations (most of which have been repeated again and again), such as:

Meri - "It doesn't look like you have a baby in my tummy. Are you sure?
Me - "Yep, it's in there."
Meri - "Can I see it?"
Me - "Not really." (never stops her from trying)

Jell - "Is the baby sleeping right now?"
Me - "Probably. It does a lot of sleeping."
Jell - "Does it sleep when you sleep?"
Me - "A lot of the time, yeah."
Jell - "Does it sleep while you go potty?"
Me - "I have no idea. Maybe I guess."

Me - "What should we name the baby if it's a boy?"
Meri - "I don't like baby boys. It's going to be a baby girl."
Me - "It might come out a baby boy though."
Meri - "Nope. It'll come out wearing a beautiful dress like me (as she twirls)!"
Me - "Actually, the baby won't come out wearing any clothes. The baby will come out nakie."
(Meri and Jell both just stared at me for like 5 seconds, and then both started laughing their heads off. We spent a few minutes explaining that I wasn't lying to which they kept lying. However, at least Jell has decided to believe it because I heard her explaining to an adult the other day, "the baby in my mommy's tummy will come out nakie." Excellent.)

Jell - "How does the baby in your tummy eat?"
Me - "It gets the food that I eat."
Jell - "So you eat the food, and then it eats it with it's mouth?"
Me - "Not exactly. It doesn't have to eat it with it's mouth. It just goes into the baby from mommy."
Jell - "So it eats with it's mouth?"
Me - "Nope, it couldn't do that very well - the baby doesn't have any teeth."
Jell - (laughs her head off) "When the baby is born, will it eat crackers?"
Me - "Nope, it still won't have teeth for awhile. It'll just drink milk."
Jell - "Where will it get the milk?"
Me - "From mommy."
Jell - "But you can't make milk. Where will you get the milk?"
Me - "Uh, I'll uh, have the milk."
Jell - "Can I color now?"
Me - "YES! I'm done with this conversation too."

Also, Meri asks me daily when the baby is going to come - which is going to make the remaining months very long. And oddest of all perhaps, is they've already starting hiding their valuables up high (like a pretty purse on the top of a tall lamp) "so the baby won't drool on them." Classic.


Bobbi said...

CONGRATULATIONS!! This sounds just like my house a few months ago..... just to let you know my girls excitement level and questions have not slowed AT ALL, if anything it has increased...... if you can even imagine!

Anna-Kare said...

Congratulations! Hope you are feeling better soon and that all goes well.

David and Melissa said...

Congratulations!!!! This is so exciting! I hope you feel better soon.

love you,
Melissa & Dave

Lyndsey said...

I just read this whole post to my sister and we laughed and laughed the whole time. I love you girls and I can't wait till they ask you how the baby will get out!! Love you

Jen said...

I just read this, and I had no idea! Woohoo, congratulations! I just thought you were working and busy, and that's why I haven't seen you. You certainly don't look a bit prego yet. But, knowing you, you won't for some time. We are so happy for you and your family.

hannah said...

Yay! So excited for you. Love your conversations with the girls!

Josh n Betsie said...

congrats. I am so happy for you. Three will be if you get three and four at the same time...that can make a problem :0) feel better

Mel said...

Ha! I was just thinking about you, friend! Congratulations on the baby. Boo to the sickness - I totally know what you are going through. Let me know if I can help! Good luck!

Raina said...

I LOVED reading this post! I'm so excited for more babies!!! I can't wait to see how your girls are going to ga ga over a new little one to take care of. :D

bontovi said...

Congrats Alisha!!!! You are such a wonderful mommy and will do fine with a 3rd little angel. loves!

Anonymous said...

Congrats to the Whitman family!! Olivia had so many questions when I was pregnant with Molly - just wait!! I am so happy for all of you. I hope you get to feeling better soon.


Hannah said...

Congrats! I know how you feel about the #3 pregnancy being 10x worse...I'm the same way! I hope it gets better soon. Thanks for sharing your kids remarks and keeping me laughing!

Lisa said...

I hope you're feeling better now. And I love thglaose conversations. I'm glad Taylor has no clue what's going on, so I don't have to try to explain it to her.