Saturday, March 27, 2010

Olympics 2026 here we come!

This last week we went to my parent's house in Bend. We had a blast! But the morning we were going to leave, Jell got up and packed herself:
Meaning of course, she emptied most her drawers in a big pile on her bed. Helpful!
The hope for this trip was that we'd get the girls up skiing for the first time. My dad, the avid weather channel watcher had picked the perfect conditions and was super stoked. Just getting them up there and in all their equipment took quite a bit of doing but we finally succeeded and even got them to their lessons nearly on time. We got out there and were reminded of the blinding nature of a sunny day with white snow all around. We had to go buy sunglasses for Meri so she wasn't like this all day:
She did so great! Her instructor was super nice, and although she never once said a word to him, I think she liked him too. Her skis were so stinking little!
Documentation of her first fall ever:
Oh and she never smiled during her first lesson but she gave everything a try and said she enjoyed it:
And look, she even did some all by herself!! What a perfect pie :)
Sadly, we didn't get any pics of Jell actually skiing because every time she noticed us during her lesson, she wanted us to get her a snack or something else distracting like that. So we watched from afar. Plus I got tired out from tromping in the snow and parked myself at a table with a good book and all our supplies for most the day. But Jell loved it too - her lesson didn't take her to the lift and the bunny hill and so as soon as she was done, she was begging Bopa to take her over there. She didn't even want to take a break.
Meri had told us she was all done, but we finally convinced her after some "warm chocolate" (they don't like it hot) to go back out with daddy. From that time on they were both really hooked. They only reluctantly stopped for breaks when daddy and Bopa's knees or backs couldn't take anymore. I really wish I'd got pictures of Jell with the harness (that's the blue thing she's wearing - it's not a swimsuit) or Meri between daddy's legs, but the bunny hill was a bit of a hike from my picnic table. It didn't happen.
Even though they didn't want to stop, they enjoyed all the food mommy had lugged up there. And don't they look cool? People all around me would laugh and aaaah every time the girls came to see me. They looked so cute and Meri so teeny tiny to be on skis! I guess that most of the time they were skiing down the bunny lift, they kept yelling out, "I got another gold medal!!!!" Next time Jell will have to master turning left. This trip, she could only ever figure out how to turn right. That does become a problem after awhile! Thanks so much Bopa for giving them one heck of a perfect day! Can't wait to go again!


hannah said...

Wow, what an amazing and exhausting day. I have a feeling my kids won't be doing this for another 10 years. We will watch your girls in the Olympics and cheer.

Anna Berne said...

meri really doesn't look like she enjoyed herself much...ha but i haven't missed skiing this much in forever!!! which i could've been there!

Raina said...

Ahh... these were the pictures I've been waiting to see! This looks like SO much fun, and of course they are the perfect snow bunnies. :D

Lisa said...

How fun!!!! So jealous! I fondly remember all our ski trips with your dad. I can't wait to get Taylor on the slopes.