Tuesday, March 02, 2010

Meri's birthday

So I know her birthday was nearly three weeks ago now, but these pictures are too cute to not get posted - even if they're EXTREMELY late. These are from her actual birthday when we celebrated just with family. So here they are:This was the best reaction of any of her presents from anybody. We were at home just opening the presents from us, while she sat in the "birthday chair," aka car seat. She opened it, stared at it for awhile, then in slow motion changed her face to expressionless to this face and then hugged the Disney compilation (mostly princesses) cd we'd made for her with a look of pure blisss. Yeah, I think she liked it.
We'd been working on this for weeks beforehand, but she is now very proud to show anyone and everyone how old she is.
Our beautiful princess enjoying her "Happy Birthday" song.
And then enjoying her unladylike no-hands method of devouring her cupcake ... or actually of just devouring the "good" part of the cupcake that had frosting and sprinkles. She left the bottom half.


Katie said...

I love her pigtails (if that's what I'm seeing) in the top picture! (I don't see them in any other picture, which is why I questioned if I was seeing that right). Very cute pictures!

bontovi said...

Alisha!!!! I can't believe I forgot her birthday!!! Happy Birthday Meri!!! Taitai loves you!!!