Monday, May 21, 2012

Baby G Picture Update!

We often see this bug-eyed look. Sometimes we call her Bugsy.
 We also often see this look. We like this look. Especially late at night.
 And here she looks like daddy. She's been probably the first one of our kids that hasn't come out looking just like Cooper. But clearly he's in there when I look at pictures like this one!
 She frequently sits like this sucking frantically. It's all very intense.
 And here she was trying really hard to talk to me. Her lips and even tongue were working and nothing coming out. So cute!
 The double chin is definitely in the works!
 And cracks me up but this is how she sleeps. Her arms are always up like that and she is all stretched out. So cute!
 Not sure about tummy time yet!
And her new trick ... smiling back at us!!


Lyndsey said...

She is ADORABLE!!! I just want to snuggle her... Love you

Hannah said...

Very Cute! Hey are you guys still in town? If so, send me an email hannah at holthaven dot com. We'd love to see you guys before you leave. :)

Raina said...

Oh my... look at all those adorable expressions! Those eyes are so bright!

Anna Collett said...

She seriously has crazy bug eyes. I LOVE that last one though. It is so adorable!!