Monday, May 14, 2012

Book Review - Million Dollar Diva

When asked if I wanted to review this book about taking control of your finances instead of letting them control you, I thought, well hmm ... it certainly sounds nice. Certainly couldn't hurt to see what they have to say. But I was a little worried that it would yet again not be applicable because you'd have to be already in a lot better position than we are, or know more, or have done more, or the worst - make more. What is "nice" about this book is that it wasn't those things I feared, and it didn't go way over my head. In fact, it's casual, conversational tone makes it really easy to follow. And it gave me lots to think about. It did remind me a bit of advice I've read from Dave Ramsey, and right now as we're moving and looking to buy a house, it teaches a lot of good stuff to keep in mind. However, to really do any good, you'd have to not just give this a casual read, which is all I've done so far. It's not a get-rich-quick scheme. What they want you to do would take work. And time. You'd have to be willing to sit down and go through the, I'll say "exercises," for lack of a better word, to actually make a difference. Not having done that yet, I can't add my personal assurance that it'll help you "get rich safely," but it sure does make sense and helps fill in some of the gaps that those of us probably have who never took Budgeting/Finances/Getting Rich 101.
And here's an added bonus. They're offering the book for nothing more than the shipping and handling cost, if you order it here before June 15th. If you wait too long and are still interested, you could buy it here.

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