Thursday, May 31, 2012

Crazy Big Brother

 He's been into this climbing thing lately (love how shorts show off his chunky calfs!!!!). He watches M climb all over Bopa's playset, has taken ample notes, and now does it all himself! He spent at least a half hour yesterday going around in a circle: climb up the bars, spin the steering wheel once, sit at the top of the slide, say "hi" to me in his girly voice, slide down, clap for himself, run around the whole playset, and starting all over again (He only fell once! Big fall though, good thing it was him and not J!). Never gets old. Now if this was the only thing he was climbing ... but no, he learned to climb out of the pack 'n play this week. Oh brother. Fortunately he can only open the door like 5% of the time, so for the most part he's still "contained," until I can come save him!
He also spent a good 5-10 minutes yesterday lying on his stomach in the wetish dirt, inspecting the ground up close. Such. A. Boy. And here's other things we must do out back at Nana's - say hi or give kisses to the animals!

Funny boy.
And speaking of funny, yesterday my dad asked M how to spell a number of things, ending with Cooper. She put on her thoughtful look for a second, and then with a big smile announced, "D-A-D!" Bopa protested that it spelled dad, not Cooper, and she instantly replied, "I know, but I didn't know how to spell Cooper, and dad is his name too so it works the same!"

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Anna Collett said...

what massively chunky calfs!!!! haha and I love M's response. She is going to be such a handful...