Monday, May 21, 2012

My art show!

So one other thing we had to squeeze in before moving day was my art show at the local art center! Fortunately, I had actually planned ahead on this one (a first, I assure you), and had all my painting done before baby G's birth, and actually we only had one or two left to frame the night before. Truly a miracle (Usually we're still framing an hour before. Ok, ok, so usually we're still framing in the car on the way there. Embarrassing, but true). Had no clue back in January and February how important that would turn out to be! Here's the super cool, historic building the show was in:
And yes, they spelled my name wrong but it's still cool. They just got a little crazy with the l's.
Spelled wrong inside too but the paintings looked nice! These are just some of them. I actually managed to get 11 done for them to show. It's always so fun to see them all up!
I invited two of my friends to show with me. One was Janelle, who sadly wasn't able to stick around for the opening reception, but did come briefly into town to bring her lovely photography and help hang the show. 
Our kids enjoyed the excuse to hang out. They had such a blast and got along so well that it didn't even some too crazy to have 4 adults and 7 kids under the age of 7 in our little like 1200 sq ft house. Sadly this is the only pic I have of any of the kids together. These are the two betrothed birthday buddies (born just a few hours apart on the same day! How crazy is that?! And they really seem to be exactly the same size at this point. They're getting married some day for sure).
They seem happy about our matchmaking. Just not both of them at the same time, in the same picture. But we did get his arm around her. They'll love this picture someday :)
Here's hoping that some of our pieces sell!

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Anna Collett said...

I love how he is like slyly smiling while smoothly sliding his arm in and baby G is very oblivious to the moves being made on her. ha Congrats on the show! Your amazing!!