Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Andrew and Lenora's visit!

So in the last post, I very briefly mentioned how Red had overcome her fear of diving boards. That is a  VERY brief summary of a long week of our lives filled with many, many pep talks, lots of questions, constant worry, countdowns, and tears. Not to mention the failed attempts, the cold that kept her out of the water just when she thought she was ready, and a huge burst of applause when she finally did it. It was a serious accomplishment to conquer a fear that she was embarrassed to have but that left her shaking and backpedaling on the board in front of her class. All night long, she kept saying how proud she was of herself. The day after she did it in class, we went back and practiced again and again with her jumping to Andrew and later, to daddy. She got so much braver!
M, of course, was around to hear and see all of this. And for her first attempt, she walked to the end, and simply jumped in. They are such different little girls.
 Dude warmed up to Uncle Andrew and they had some good times together, especially at the playground where he surprised us all by leaving mama to go play with Andrew and then by being super brave and going down this huge slide by himself! Progress!
 J is very proud of her monkey-bar prowess.
 And is getting SO BIG!!
 Blondie seriously loves to climb. And I think she's part-pixie.
 As I said, she loves to climb. And is proud of being able to get in the weirdest of places.
 The huge playset outside our rec center. It is so high! I never go by myself because I can't keep track of  and be on-call to save dude while lugging baby G around!
 Baby G LOVES to give open-mouthed kisses to the people she loves. Aunt Lenora was happy to receive lots of these!
And then she went happily to sleep for Mama. If only I could still do this with all my kids!
Thank you to Lenora for all these pics! I stole them off her facebook page because she's so great at taking pictures and we needed these memories! And thanks for visiting! We had a blast!

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Anna Collett said...

What a big slide for little dude!! And J's feet look really big in that picture...not the most flattering of views. ha Miss them so much!!