Thursday, August 23, 2012

In the words of baby G

Sometimes I scoot backwards. All the way into a corner! I think it's pretty cool that I can do that frankly. 
And sometimes, when my chubby little arms can reach, I play with toys. I see everybody else doing it all day long, why not me?
Then there's those times when Mr. Fancy Pants comes and rains on my parade. Can you believe this guy? He is actually chewing on MY star right in front of me. Just to prove he can. The nerve.
Oh and this is a little embarrassing, but sometimes I need help. I mean, what's with this slinky anyway? We were having fun and then I rolled over to get a better handle on things and poof, I find my arm and leg both wrapped up. I think it won. And frankly, I don't really know what to do now.
And sometimes they even let me out. On my own! It's bright out here. And I'm not sure about this grass stuff. Anybody ever heard of a lawn mower?
That's better. I like this a lot. If only this big guy were here all day to walk me around. Then we'd get somewhere.
And quite often, they call me fuzzhead. I have no clue why.
Look at what I can do now!! Also pretty cool. Just not sure what to do next. I'd like that toy over there. Hmmm...


Anna Collett said...

Oh baby G has so much to say! I think she has to be your biggest baby....I love her little legs trying to walk, and by little I mean semi huge...ha Love her!

Raina said...

She is getting so big! How can I let her grow and I not get to hold her as it happens? I love the pictures!