Monday, August 20, 2012

Would you feel comfortable...

sleeping in one of these tents?
or throwing a frisbee back and forth with this fella spying on you (there were two guys doing exactly that less than 20 feet away from him. I think he just wanted to play. Or to eat them.)?
or playing cards at this picnic table?
or grilling up a something to eat for dinner? Buffalo burger anyone?
or having family dinner at the table (I love this one! Looks like this guy was like, hey! where'd everybody go? What happened to the party?)?
or biking down this road through the middle of this herd (saw some guys headed down who looked a little hesitant)? 
The girls were willing to get out of the car to pose for a picture when the buffalo were at a much safer distance! For some reason they wouldn't when buffalo were surrounding the car and a huge guy was licking and scratching himself on this table. Could be they overheard Coop saying that buffalo are extremely moody and stampede up to 40 mph. Or could just be that they are huge and hairy with sharp horns and a face only a mother could love. We didn't let dude out of his carseat. He was way too excited and kept mooing at them. Not cows buddy.

And baby G, who was understandably a little jealous of all the bison's hair, was just happy to be along for the ride!

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Anna Collett said...

So we all laugh but.... some people were actually staying there!! ha what would you even do? No where was safe... And how could baby G be jealous of anything? She is so adorable!!