Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Not much going on here

 Just enjoying lazy summer days for as long as we can...
 which is only about another week. Sad!
And a couple of funnies because I've been a big-time blogging slacker lately:
* Dude loves to yell ATTACK! and go running through the house. Fortunately, he doesn't know what it means. He also likes to jump like a frog, which consists of jumping from a squatting position and landing on his tush in a criss-cross applesauce position while saying, "Boing." His favorite thing to say/do though is to pop around the corner with a huge smile and say, "Haaaaa-aye! eh me! I ee you!" He even does it to himself in the mirror.
*Dude also is obsessed with the girls' nerf guns. However, the only way he has enough strength to pull the trigger is with his thumb. With the gun pointed at his head. And as he pulls, it swings back and forth from just left of one ear to just right of the other. Somehow, he has yet to nail himself in the face. Can't say the same about J's or baby G's faces though!
*We LOVED the Olympics around here. So much so that the girls play it all the time now. I overheard J saying the other day, "No, pretend I'm not from the USA. Pretend I'm from Texas." Attah girl.
*The girls loved watching synchronized swimming, but for totally different reasons. M thought they were beautiful. J enjoyed laughing at how silly they looked, which, of course, offended M deeply.
*J was staunchly supportive of any US competitor. M, however, said, "Who is going to win? I'm rooting for who is going to win. I guess I'll have to wait and see who I'm cheering for then." Which offended J deeply. Are we sensing a pattern here?
*I, thinking about classes I might sign the girls up for, asked M if she'd prefer to do gymnastics or ballet. She asked back, "for the Olympics?" 
*J just finished up a swimming class in which she overcame an extreme fear of the diving board. I anticipation of her first plunge, she was encouraging M to "hurry and finish eating so I can go swimming on the diving board." M immediately whipped back with, "J, how could you go swimming ON the diving board?"


Anna Collett said...

Love the things your kids say. And the princess dresses seem to be a pattern here... ha

Bobbi said...

Hahaha! Your house sounds so much like ours. Enjoy every last drop of your summer!