Friday, September 14, 2012

Fun with Grammy and Papa

Back up a little to, oh say, August 25th ... we had visitors! Grammy and Papa came to visit and it was as good as Christmas. They brought a minivan full of things we hadn't been able to bring when we moved, such as bins of clothes for G that were too big then but ready to roll now, tools that were still in our old shed, a basketball hoop, lots of frames and other things, and 200 lbs of fresh-from-the-tree Oregon fruit for canning. Oh how I miss Oregon orchards in the fall. I could've cried over all these beautiful fresh pears and apples. With all that, they barely had enough room for themselves, but somehow they made it halfway across the country and we had a blast! Dude took a little bit to warm up, as is to be expected of the little stinker, but he finally did and then asked for them for days after they'd left (actually funny story, the morning they left he had been following Papa around like a little shadow. Just happy as could be. When he understood they were leaving however, he got mad at them and wouldn't pay them any more attention. He wouldn't even look them in the eye or wave goodbye. Serious stinker). Of course we took them over to Medora to see the Badlands:
Chasing grasshoppers:
And played at the fantastic playground in Medora, where each of the kiddos had a grand time no matter how it may appear:
In between the fun and games, Grammy and Papa were hard at work helping us design and fill our front yard! It's been such an eyesore, but naturally Grammy worked her magic. The girls had a blast helping her out, constantly asking what they could do next and watering their hearts out (of course the day after we bought all the plants it was over 100 degrees! Yikes!). Now we just have to help it survive the upcoming winter and freezing temps that are already descending at night!
Dude has started jumping in front of any picture being taken. He wants his 10 minutes of fame.
We miss having them around for sure (the grown-up company, free babysitting, and all-around help was so so nice)! We loved the time we got to spend with them while here! Come back soon!

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Anna Collett said...

Such cute kids!!! I think G is for sure going to be a redhead. J will be SO happy! I love that little Dude photo bombs people. That made me laugh so hard. Especially that first picture. Miss them so much!