Monday, September 17, 2012

M's world

I get a version of this drawing home from school practically every day. Love the baseball caps on the boys. Also on the back, she wrote, "Myt sisr The bist tn my fameey I <3 fameey="fameey" my="my" p="p">
Kissy Kissy
 This is what M did during Stake Conference. She drew a diagram of our universe. See how much you can read. I LOVE her writing right now. I'll help you out on one. At bottom right, upside down she wrote "space storm." She's very worried about space storms lately and has informed us she will never go into outer space because how would she get away if a space storm came?
 M's drawing of the princesses.
She's getting quite prolific these days. We are drowning in papers of her drawings and such and the biggest problem is that when they're this cute, how can I just throw them out??!


Anna Collett said...

You need to get big binders and just hole punch them and put them in there! You could hold so many single sheets of paper in those big binders. And then just label each binder with kids names and put dividers in for their age as well! Wow I impress myself :) ha

bontovi said...

Oh my! M is sooo smart!!! A little genius! I love her artwork.