Monday, September 24, 2012

Name my baby

Here's 5 pics of my 3 girls in the same darling overalls. Who's who? Seems crazy obvious to me. How is it that they've always looked so different? Is it just me? Can you tell? Sorry Isaac. No pink embroidered overalls for you.
For extra fun, look at these two redheads growling! Can you tell here?


Raina said...

Ooo..I got this!
1. M
2. J
3. J
4. G
5. M

Alisha B. Whitman said...

You're right! Good work!!

Anna Collett said...

they do look alike but I can totally tell them apart. J and G look the most alike. M has always looked like a little fairy. ha

Darcey and Jeff said...

They all look like themselves. I got them all right. It would be interesting to see a head shot of the lil guy just to see. It is amazing how 2 people can make 4 unique kids.