Thursday, September 13, 2012

Officially terribly 2!

Our little man had his big day on Sunday and is now 2 in name and in deed (He has been acting 2 for awhile with all the fun stuff that goes with it, but now he's no longer pretending. It's for reals). We considered inviting people over to eat cake with us, but then we thought about how he doesn't really like people. Since it was his birthday, we decided not to stress him out (we did bring cupcakes to nursery and as if to prove me right, when they sang to him there he sat on the other side of the room scowling at them all, refusing to make eye contact!). So it was just us (and family on Skype), singing and eating pink firetruck cake.
Some of my favorite things about our mini-Man:
~When he's excited he gallops.
~Whenever he tackles anyone or is tackled by someone (happening more and more frequently), he yells, "FOOTBALL!"
~He loves his sisters. Nothing makes him happier than making them laugh. Which, increasingly, he thinks is fun to do during family prayer time.
~Despite usually being on the go, he has always loved snuggling and reading books.
His favorites:
~The colors pink and purple. They're the only two he consistently identifies. Think he has big sisters?
~Dinosaurs. So cute how he says that!
~Cereal. It is quite literally all he ever wants to eat.
~Otay. It's the word he says more than anything else, so it must be his favorite. Though my favorites of his would be otopuh (octopus), taint oo mama (thank you mama),  and eh me, i see oo (it's me, I see you).
~Mama. I don't mean to sound egotistical but to this little guy, I am all that.
~Old McDonald Had A Farm. Jesus Want Me For A Sunbeam. I Know That My Redeemer Lives. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star.
~His blankie and binkie. Those rank just under me on the scale of importance in his eyes. He couldn't survive life right now without them. So much so that when I was putting Baby G to sleep the other day, he ran up two flights of stairs to bring me one of her blankies. Without me having asked. So cute!
~His new train set and table is his new favorite thing! He loves pushing the trains over the bridge and down the hill. It's just so exciting he can rarely keep from jumping!
Happy Birthday Bud! We love you!!


Anna Collett said...

He is so adorable! It is shocking he can be such a stinker! But I guess that is part of what makes us love him.

bontovi said...

Best age ever! And your little guy is sooo handsome!!! Love and miss you all!