Sunday, October 21, 2012

Halloween Preview

Here's M all dressed-up and ready for a costume party she went to on Saturday! How awesome does she look?! We had been thinking of  doing a Wizard of Oz themed Halloween as a family, but then I didn't want to spend an arm and a leg on costumes, nor was I really confident in my ability to sew them all so I convinced this little darling to be Fancy Nancy! And this costume cost a grand total of ... drum roll please, $0! And how much sewing? None! We used a wig from a Merida (Brave) costume, and then just fancified everything! I think her favorite part was the leg warmers that I made by cutting up an old pair of tights. Ha! Though Frenchie, Nancy's poodle, was a great accessory as well! And when she showed up for the party, another mom said, "Hey Fancy Nancy!" So the costume works!


bontovi said...

LOve it! Sooo FANCY!!! Great job Momma!

Raina said...

Love her outfit! This is definitely fancy and I love the price.

Hannah said...