Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Happy Halloween!

Getting these girlies ready to leave in time for school this morning by 8ish, and packing their lunches, and making pumpkin pancakes in the shape of pumpkins was a bit of a challenge this morning to say the least but somehow, more or less on time, they got out the door! And looking cute, I might add!!
I mean seriously, how could you resist these trick-or-treaters? And thanks to dude's costume, he has taken to roaring. A lot. A lot a lot. At our church's Trunk-or-Treat party, he noticed another little guy in the exact lion costume from across the room. He stood up on his chair, yelled, "MY COSTUME, MY COSTUME," while patting his puffy belly, and then proceeded to roar louder than we've ever heard him do before. Like, "who's the better lion now? Oh yeah."

My favorite comment was when a lady pointed at my tree costume, and asked if that's what happens if you stand still in Oregon too long. Ha! She's clearly just jealous :) And here's a close-up of baby G's incredibly awesome costume (sorry for the terrible lack of humility but it's seriously probably the best, cutest thing I've ever made! And she looks so darling in it!):
 And yesterday we had the girls' much-awaited Halloween decorating/dance party at our house. Sadly, this is the only picture I have. Let's just say things were a little crazy (the party was before Coop got home from work). Loud Wee-Sing for Halloween music, six very hyper girls and one boy thrilled by all the chaos, cookies coming in and out of the oven with seven people yelling for help, baby G eating a piece of cookie dough or something and choking on it (still makes me feel shaky just thinking about it), the oven timer pretty much constantly going off,  bowls of frosting dropping on the carpet, doorbells ringing, etc. etc. etc. How does that not sound like a good time?! Oh, and my favorite cookie below is M's Frankenstein! Isn't it awesome? Any that are very covered in candy are J's and any that look like dude made them, were probably made by dude and required a whole lot of clean-up.
And all this before we've even gone trick-or-treating! Oh dear.


Uncle Craig said...

So adorable! You are such a cute family!

Anna Collett said...

So adorable! I love the costumes. Very impressive this year!!

Janelle. said...

I think the owl was a good choice!! So cute!! And I love that you dressed up as a tree! hahaha. Love it. Your kids are so darn cute...of course you already know that though :)