Monday, October 15, 2012

Papa's Pumpkin Patch!

So somehow, after it's snowed already on three separate days (only once did it amount to anything), we enjoyed an incredibly gorgeous, 70 degree weather Saturday! Perfect for pumpkin-patching! And what a pumpkin patch it was! This place was awesome. Even if it did fill boots, hair and even underwear with hay. Didn't stop the kiddos for long!
These hay pyramids were awesome! They were great for climbing up to the sky and sliding back down the bumpy ride!
Plus there were endless, snug little tunnels and secret passageways that grown-ups couldn't fit in (which left daddy running around the pyramid in circles, trying to figure out where little man was/where he'd come out)
 There were fun obstacle courses with ropes...
 and tricky bridges to cross.
For the most part, baby G just hung out with Mama all snugly and safe!
 There was rusted old farm equipment to drive along with lots of fun wood forts.
And more obstacles to conquer!
 Chipmunk-cheeks is getting taller!
 And speaking of cheeks, check out those dimples! What a doll. 
 But definitely keeping an eye on that tricksy little pumpkin. Never trust a bumpy pumpkin. That's what they always say.
And this would be why. Darn pumpkins.
But they sure are interesting. And fun to sit on. Dude spent at least 20 min walking from pumpkin to pumpkin, testing out how good of a seat each one made. Half the time, he would announce as soon as he'd sat, "Dat big pumpkin!" He was very impressed.
 M was more into this big chair. 
 While J just wanted to pose up top the big pile of hay!
 Good times! We'll certainly be back next year (especially because this is the only pumpkin patch like in all of North Dakota - or at least that we've heard of :) ).

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Gel said...

Ya for pumpkin patches.. But they don't compare to Portland's!! I am really missing all the fun farms right now!! Hope you are doing well.