Sunday, October 21, 2012

"I see big tractor!"

While M was being fancy at her costume party, the rest of us went to see what daddy was up to at the Chamber's Livestock show (multiple of our friends have asked if Coop has experience with livestock shows. Hahahaha. I told them the only animal he had any personal experience with was a cat ... so no). Dude was pretty impressed, and just kept yelling, "I see big tractor!"
And then we went inside and his chorus changed to, "I see big cows! I see big cows!" He's really into adding "big" in front of things lately. Whenever Coop walks through the door, dude yells, "Heeeeey big daddy!" No clue where, why, or how he came up with this, but Coop loves it. But back to the show. When I told J we were going to see a livestock, or animal show, she very seriously asked, "A show? Like do the animals dance? Do they get up on a stage and sing?" This a few days after she asked if she is a city girl or a country girl. What do you think? She was, however, pretty excited to get to pet a cow. Dude was more hesitant when confronted with the chance, but then got into it. Every time his hand touched the cow though, he did scream in excitement/nervous energy! Hilarious.
After two full days of the fun times where he learned that people actually use hair spray and blow dryers to make mohawks on the back ends of cows, poor daddy had to help with clean up. I'll let you imagine what that was like (and what he smelled like when he came home)!

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