Sunday, February 28, 2016

Wrapping up February

It's tricky to try to teach tennis and keep the littles entertained on the courts at the same time! J came up with a fun game collecting the stray balls with the wagon for whoever was waiting their turn. It worked!
G asked if she could paint outside the lines. I said yes bc it's hers. She said, "yep! Bc it's my brain!" I meant her painting but sure, that too. Cooper added that her brain is outside the lines for sure. For example, she just, and I quote, "drew an r that is doing a push-up without eyes." 

L during art class: 
G: Mary had a little lamb. It's feet was nice and slow...

What do you like about our family G?
-that we're laughing 
What do you not like about our family?
-that we're tooting (Dude-I LOVE when we're tooting!)
What's the hardest thing in your life G?
-when the puzzle pieces won't go in the right place. Even when they look like it.
G: what if our bum was where our head was and our head was where our bum was? Then we'd have to always sit on our head!

The grumpy corner for kids who don't want to cheer on their sister at her basketball game: 
Dude: hey kiddos! That means, hey kids.

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Anna Collett said...

I'm so with G on the puzzle pieces