Monday, September 29, 2008

2008 Flock and Fiber Festival

Now that was a pretty good weekend! It was sunny, Women's Conference was awesome, the canning is done (until my pears ripen), and the good ol' Flock and Fiber Festival was a hit. So just saying that makes me laugh because I know you're like, the what? Like I said in the last post, I really like all the outdoor farm activities in the fall. Which is why we found ourselves at the fairgrounds with all sorts of wool-spinning, yarn-weaving, alpaca-owning folk (Grandma, Aunt Patti, and cousin Andrea came too!). It wasn't a fiber festival like the kind that you need to eat 25-35 grams of daily. And honestly, who does that anyway? But fiber animals or fiber creating animals or whatever, that you shear and turn into warm clothing or lovely floor rugs. Did you know that this includes some type of bunnies? The kind that look like a head with ears got stuck inside an enormous fluff ball, that is. If they didn't have teeth, I'd really like to use one for a pillow. But anyway, the girls had a blast (I think even Meri saw enough sheep to get the whole non-stop baa-ing thing out of her system) and I learned the difference between llamas and alpacas. Someday I'll use that valuable information to answer a Jeopardy question from my couch cushion or to impress a small child that still thinks mom knows everything. Yes! Now the question is just what to do next Saturday (other than Conference of course) - the Applefest or the giant pumpkin drop and car smash?
It was kinda crazy that there was this huge barn full of fiber animals, and right outside there was a lampchops cook-off. Baaaa?

This is so how Jenelle feels about animals! She loves them, wants to pet them, and when the get close enough to touch - goes all girly and pulls back.

Grandma bought the girls these sweaters, which the girls LOVE. They put them on that night and then ran around the house like they'd just been let out of the loony bin.


Anna-Kare said...

So what is the difference between a llama and an alpaca?

Women Afire said...

Holy Moly Alisha - looked at that picture of you and totally saw Andrew!!! Good to see that you're having fun!


Mandy said...

I personally can't wait for the pumpkin regatta, that thing is a hoot!

Janelle said...

Yeah, when you said fiber festival all I thought of was keeping "regular"...thanks for the clarification! That all looks like so much fun! I love the fall!! And thanks for showing me that website. He does some amazing work. It almost looks unreal in some of them, there is so much color! Perhaps one day I'll be that good!

Alisha said...

The difference is an alpaca is much smaller and hairier. For the most part, she said when you shave a llama you get ounces, when you shave an alpaca, you get pounds. And the alpaca has that silly fluff on the top of it's head.

Anna Berne said...

hahaha i love the picture of meri and her popcorn. the bag is pretty much bigger than her and her face is so crazy happy but if you look closer she looks a little drugged. ha i love the sweaters!