Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Bumpy Ballet Beginnings

Jenelle has been SO excited to start her ballet class. She talks about it all the time. She tries on her ballet costume and prances around. She asks people to show her how to do ballet. And finally, the time for class arrived!
She got dressed up fancy and we went. Suddenly, she got very shy. She did not want to walk into the room in the train like the teacher asked, because "I do not want to put my hands on her shoulders!" Oh boy.
Then, less than 5 minutes later, the teacher opened the door (moms were in a separate lobby), stuck her head out and said Jenelle needed to have a little talk with her mommy. She walked over to me with a face that's degree of sadness increased exponentially the closer she got to me. I pulled her on my lap and asked what was wrong. She burst into tears! Between sobs she cried, "I CAN'T DANCE!"
So, so sad. I have no idea what happened. Could she not stand on one foot as well as the other 3 year-olds? Regardless, it was the saddest, most pathetic little cry. And probably the first time she hasn't been totally confident in her ability to do anything she wants to (I DREAD teenage years when there will be more of such crying, and less of such confidence).
Anyway, I explained to her that she was there to learn, and just needed to listen to the teacher. She asked to go back in, so I let her. 10 minutes later she saw me through the window and started crying for mommy, running for the door. Then next time she did that, the teacher brought her out, said time was almost up and she shouldn't come back in. Ouch. My daughter got kicked out of her first ballet class. So that was some well spent money! At least she looks cute, right?!


Bobbi said...

First of all the Aviation/Space museum's play stuff is awesome--it totally made me want to go on it and play!! And second, I am so sad for Janelle! I thought maybe Jane was the only one that that happened too (thoughts like maybe I should let her be more social, and she doesn't know how to listen to a teacher ran through my head--oh yeah she's three!) anyways the third or fourth time she went to tumbling they had an Easter egg hunt and Jane just couldn't find an egg as fast as the other kids--she tried really hard to keep a strong face and then just started crying. . .and that was the last time I could get her to go! I hope Janelle feels better about ballet soon!

Hannah said...

Oh so sad! Whose idea is it to separate the parents from their children in a 3-year-old class of ballet anyway? Sweet little girl! I know Erica wouldn't even leave my side if I tried to have her take ballet, so maybe just having the confidence to go should be counted as a success ;).

Raina said...

I'm sure that when Janelle becomes some amazing dancer, this story will come back to bite that cranky teacher!

Jacob, Emily, and Jason said...

That is the saddest little story! Poor little thing! I can't believe the teacher kicked her out, though? Whatever happened to patience and reassurance? Oh're probably better off not having her in a class with a teacher who's not able to be patient with her!

It seems just wrong that they can lose their confidence in something when they're only three! Good thing she has such a supportive, reassuring mom! Isn't it hard, though? I think about Jason sometimes and having to send him to school and let him out in the world, and I worry about his little feelings and people not being patient with him or as reassuring for him as he needs. I just don't ever want anyone or anything to hurt him!

I agree with Hannah, by the way...whatever happened to the "mom and me" dance class? My friend down here has her two-year-old in a mom and me class where the moms and daughters dance together. Do they have anything like that you might try in your area?