Friday, September 26, 2008

An Apple a Day...

While I haven't forgiven the summer for ending so suddenly, I do have to admit, I love the fall. I love the smell of apple cider. I love the changing colors. And silly though it is, I love going to orchards and pumpkin patches! Today we went on the first preschool field trip to Oregon Heritage Farms apple orchard - in the middle of beautiful country. On top of that, it was a gorgeous, crisp blue-skied fall day (which makes it hardER to hold a grudge against summer). The girls all had a blast - here are a few pictures to prove it:

All the girls LOVED the pigs. I wish I had video tape because they all laughed their heads off for at least 3 minutes straight at those silly pigs.

Meri kept coming back. She was sad when the piggies took a nap and when the sheep were more interested in eating than in looking at her. As a result, she has been baa-ing insistently all day. I think if just one would've been courteous enough to baa back, she might have got it out of her system. Thanks a lot sheep.

Then there was the cute, little hay maze. What a hit! It was the perfect size for them. All of their little heads, except Meri's, peeked just over the tops of the aisles. We could see the whole thing layed out, and it was SO funny to watch them go through. I was surprised at how well they did! Meri got very quickly discouraged but the others kept at it, running through it, laughing, starting over, bumping into each other, and having a ball. I LOVED how they'd be running along, and not notice that they'd reach a dead end until the wall was like a foot in front of their face.

Some good action shots of Jell in the middle of the maze and finishing for the first time. Hooray!

Cute girls! So I guess I'll sigh about summer and sadly pack up my shorts, but get out and enjoy these delicious days every chance I get!


Raina said...

this looks like a riot! The maze especially. Bummed we missed it, but hopefully next time.

Anna Berne said...

ok looks like the funniest thing ever! seriously you do all the fun stuff without me! reading your posts isn't good for me because it makes me miss them like crazy!

Hannah said...

I love fall too...the colors being my favorite part. I love this hay maze! I hope Meri found her way out!