Wednesday, September 17, 2008

We got Trouble!

It's nap time.
Meri just climbed out of her crib for the first time ever.
We got Trouble.
Capitol T.
I asked Jenelle how she got out, and as I suffered through a number of totally unrelated explanations, Meri demonstrated by trying to climb back in while watching me the whole time as if to say, "like this."
And in the time it has taken me to type this ... she did it again.
And is currently squealing as she plays tug-of-war with Jell over a book in the latter's big girl bed.
I know this because I opened the door, took a look, and closed it.
I had an urge to laugh and I didn't want the two deer in headlights to see.
But if I don't laugh, I know I'm going to cry.
We got Trouble.
Right here.


Mandy said...


shaun said...

Right there in River City?

Jen said...

I think my three year olds are freaks of nature because neither one of them have thought to climb out of their cribs yet. Someone told me that they MUST be let out by their sixteenth birthday. I will consider that! Oh, you have such fireball girls! Maybe if you have a boy he will be super mellow! Good luck with all that!

Jacob, Emily, and Jason said...

Oh dear--just laugh it up, just have to some times so you don't bawl your head off! I'm sorry she's climbing out of the crib! Do you think she'd stay in her own bed if you got her a twin or a toddler bed, or is that just expecting the impossible!? Keep your chin up and your posts's the only way to stay sane! GOOD LUCK! You're doing great!

Hannah said...

laughing is ALWAYS a better alternative :).

Is there a way to separate them for nap time? My kids sleep together at night, but Aaron sleeps in the toy room during naps...

Maybe you can just cage them in their room or something :)