Saturday, November 08, 2008

And finally some Halloween pics

I know, I'm a bit late ... but since this is currently my only form of scrapbooking, I'm doing it anyway. (*best viewed in firefox, totally messed up otherwise because I don't get computers)

The girls crouching down for a better look at the games. I love that they crouch, although Meri started it and is the one that does it all the time - as if she needs to get closer to the ground.
And after figuring out the rules ... and how to bend them to their advantage, they gave the game a try.

You know how sometimes you say, "Everybody make a silly face" and then you're the only one (or two) that does it?

And in case you couldn't tell from any of the other photos, Meri's costume was hilarious because the backside was about as wide as she is tall. Has anybody seen a fat giraffe before? Well here's our very own ... in timeout.

And in an effort to make a good-luck charm and to make my husband smile when he got home from a late night of school, this was the pumpkin I carved (much to Jenelle's disappointment. She was so confused and just kept asking where the jack-o-lantern's face was). Having created such a good-luck charm, I would like to claim credit for the stinking ridiculous result of the overtime game the other night, but I think that might a bit too delusional. In case you were unlucky enough to miss the game, check out this highlight here: And even if you're not any kind of basketball or Blazers fan, 8 points were scored in 1.8 seconds. It's worth watching.


Lisa said...

AWESOME Pumpkin! I saw the very end of that game and it was incredible! Go Blazers!

Hannah said...

That crouch really is awesome...