Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Funny day

I really do still promise pics are coming - I'll try to download them later tonight. But in the meantime, Jenelle was really on one for saying/doing funny things today and I had to record them while I still remembered. Here they are, straight from the mouth of my 3 year-old wit:

Mom: Should we make some muffins?
Jell: Yes, but please with no blue babies in them.
Translation: blue babies = blueberries

Dad: Jenelle, why are you not sleeping?
Jell: Because everybody is on my pillow.
Dad: What? (looks and discovers about a dozen stuffed animals and babies all lined up, and properly tucked in ... on her pillow, leaving Jenelle only enough room to sit up at the foot of her bed)

Jell: (randomly I might add) Mom, I want to go to the car wash!
Mom: Oh not right now honey, it cost too much money to go to the car wash.
Jell: (with a sigh) And we don't have any money ... What Meri? (Meri had not said anything) Meri thinks we DO have money. (Was this supposed to convince me that we really should go??)

Jell: (in the car she was pointing out the colors of everything to Meri and trying to get Meri to repeat after her) Mom, what color is Baby Carla's toes and knees and legs (If Baby Carla was real, she would be Caucasian)?
Mom: Well, they're kinda a peach color.
Jell: No mom. She is Carla, not Peach.
Mom: Okay then, they're a flesh color.
Jell: Mom. What color is Baby Carla? (apparently flesh was NOT an acceptable answer)
Mom: Well she's white.
Jell: No mom. Meri's shoes are white. This (pointing at Baby Carla's plastic skin) is not white.
Mom: Hmm ... you're right. What color are those leaves?

(And this wasn't technically today but we were talking all about Christmas fun)
Jell: Except for I don't want to see Snowa.
Us: What? Who?
Jell: Snowa. (laugh) I don't really know his name.
Us: (finally putting it together) Oh, you mean Santa.
Jell: Yeah, Santa.
Us: You know Santa brings you toys.
Jell: (thinking about it for awhile) I like Santa bringing me toys.


Raina said...

I like Santa too! These are so cute and funny that you remember and write this stuff down. I'll have to do this sometime. Great job!

Hannah said...

Apparently you need to learn your colors! And the thought of blue baby muffins is quite terrifying!! Love these.

shaun said...

Thank you for the funny post. I'm sorry it took me so long to comment. I would have done it sooner, but Cooper was keeping me on the phone talking about nothing at all...