Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Happy 85th Great-Grandpa!

We believe my grandpa just turned 85! Actually, it could be more or less anywhere between 80 and 90, and they celebrate it on Nov 11th because nobody wrote down when he was born, just remembered that there were lots of bells ringing that day and there were always bells ringing on Veterans Day. His sisters actually thought the doctor brought him in his little black doctor bag. On top of that, his name is Frank although my mom found him on an early census as Irving (turns out that his middle name) although he was originally named Philip. Now that makes family history searches easy! Regardless, we love him and are super glad to be continuing to celebrate his birthdays!
Meri loves him too! When giving him a kiss though I think the girls are always a little iffy about the moustache.
Jell does too of course, but spends most of her time at Berne family affairs with none other than Uncle Adam. By the way, at big celebrations like this one, it's tradition for all of the familys to present poems or songs dedicated to the one we are celebrating. My grandma did indeed read a poem that ended, "To my friend and lover, now let's go home and jump under the cover!"
And hardly related, but growing up everyone said I looked just like my dad. What do you think now? Oh, and that wine isn't mine. It was my aunt's - I was drinking a rather odd dry lavendar soda for the night. That's what happens when the alcoholic menu is long enough to be a novel while the non-alcoholic selection only appears on the kids' meal.


Jen said...

I love that you guys partied for Grandpa's birthday. He looks like such a happy guy! Olivia was always scared of my brother with facial hair at that age, she would cry when he came in the room, so Jell is so good to look past that! I think you are a TOTAL combo of your mom and dad. You are a great mix, and one of those girls who should make me sick because you are just naturally pretty, but since you have a good disposition, I am willing to still be your friend!

shaun said...

Although this post didn't really include any of your daughters funny comments, I will count it as good enough. I can't really imagine not knowing when Preston was born or what his name is... not so much because I would care to remember, but because I know Janelle will never forget.