Sunday, November 09, 2008

Our little Goldfish

Jenelle has had a blast with her first ever swim class! It ended this week (meaning two fun trips down the big water slide) so I thought it was about time I got some pictures up. Tayson is in the class with her, and they are so fun to watch, and have seriously improved in the water. While we didn't "pass" the level (*to overly-concerned and loving family members who might be offended that their darling Jelly was flunked - it was nothing personal. None of the class passed), we are so much better at putting our faces into the water, splashing, kicking, laying back, etc. etc. I think she may even be able to float better than her mom--who can't float. Never has floated. Except for in the extremely salty Mediterranean Sea where solid rocks could float if they gave it a try. Ah well. Tons of fun though! We really owe the teacher - she was so good with the kids (even though she sure had her hands full) and really pushed them to try new things. And she gave them all back to us in one piece - after having only swallowed half of the swimming pool. So you know, Michael Phelps, as soon as we are comfortable putting our whole face underwater so we can graduate from Goldfish, here we come! Oh, oh, and next week, Meri gets to be a Starfish and join in the fun in a Parent/Baby class! Lovin that chlorine smell!


Jen said...

How fun for them to be in the water when it's so dreary outside. I need to consider doing some lessons there, too. M and M had TONS of fun at your house on Friday, thanks so much for the playdate!

Hannah said...

So cute! I need to get Erica some swim lessons, but I think she's still to young/shy to get anything out of it. Maybe next summer??