Friday, June 12, 2009

Aaah, I love Oregon!

So I apologize for blogging too much this week but we just had so much fun yesterday that I had to get this pictures up. Oregon's so beautiful! (And I apologize for the crazy configuration of pictures with the text not lining up - I'm so not going to waste my whole morning trying to line it up right, because in the end, I wouldn't figure it out anyway)
First we hit Multnomah Falls, because pathetically, the girls had never been there before. We took a ridiculous amount of breaks and picked up a ridiculous amount of rocks, which I guess is is to be expected.

We then made our way up to the Vista House for incredible views, and on the way down stopped at Latourell Falls (isn't it incredible?!), for the major highlights of the day! We were able to walk right up to the base of the falls, and the girls were able to dip their toes in the water. What fun!

We did have to recover from major stiffness that was setting in by using my parents' hot tub that night. We're getting old, that and hiking while carrying toddlers will sure make you feel that way - but it was all totally worth it!


Katie said...

These pictures are beautiful! And it's so good to see pictures of all four of you :)

Were you really asleep with the girls in that one picture in the cove Alisha?

Raina said...

these pictures dont' show you guys wearing any kid backpacks! Don't tell me that all 4 of you hiked to the TOP of Multnomah falls?? That IS a HUGE hike for little ones. The pictures are great, and it doesn't look TOO hot for a hike. Fun idea!

Lisa said...

I love beautiful Oregon, too! Can't wait to see it again this weekend! Were you and the girls really asleep in that alcove?

Alisha said...

Nope, we weren't asleep - just cracking up all the other hikers.

Jen said...

So pretty. We live in such an amazing place, there is just not time to see it all enough! Your pictures are beautiful!!!